LTER Road Trip: Exploring the Everglades

When most people think of the Florida Everglades, they picture alligators hiding amongst labyrinths of marsh grass, the famous boardwalks of the Anhinga Trail, or the tightly clustered mangrove trees that border both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Yet, few are aware that Everglades National Park also hosts critically important ecological research sites, where scientists from the Florida Coastal Everglades (FCE) Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) station learn about the inner workings of this incredible ecosystem, as well as how it’s responding to human activities.

New LTER logo

As the LTER Network moves forward with a new web site and an invigorated public presence, a new logo can offer a stronger sense of the Network’s purpose and scientific mission. It offers a chance to freshen our image in the minds of some of our major stakeholders and forms the basis for the design… Read more »

May/June LTER Science Update Newsletter

May/June LTER Newsletter

In May and June, the Science Update Newsletter covers: laboratory findings, by Santa Barbara Coastal LTER and other researchers, that show the sensitivity of sea urchin fertilization success to ocean acidification, published in Ecology and Evolution; public preferences of cultural ecosystem services, amassed by researchers at Coweeta LTER; from Luquillo LTER, long-term patterns of arthropod abundance… Read more »

Art and Humanities LTER Programs Build Empathy for Nature

Winged dancer leaps over a field of milkweed

Do arts and humanities programs at LTER sites further the Network’s mission? Recent research posits that art-humanities-science collaborations generate empathy – and associated emotions like inspiration, awe, and wonder – for the natural world. This empathy then drives society to engage with and care more broadly about nature.

April LTER Science Update Newsletter

image of LTER Science Update newsletter

In April, the Science Update Newsletter covers: a perspective piece in Ecology Letters, by NTL and other researchers, on the history and opportunities for the field of macrosystems ecology; a comparison of the impacts of grazing and fire history on plant water use and niche structure—from researchers at the KNZ LTER; in Ecosystem Health and Sustainability,… Read more »

LTER Science Update Newsletter | March 2017

LTER science update newsletter

In March, the Science Update Newsletter covers: Announcements of three new LTER sites and the NSF symposium a HFR-LTER paper in Ecology on the influence of excess nitrogen on fungal decomposition (spoiler — it slows decomposition) a BES-LTER paper in Landscape Ecology on evolving paradigms of urban ecology a KBS-LTER study, published in Royal Society Open Science, on… Read more »

LTER Science Update Newsletter | February 2017

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In February, the Science Update Newsletter covers: an KBS-LTER paper in the Journal of Soil and Water Conservation on collaborative solutions to nitrogen runoff; a CCE-LTER paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on organic carbon sequestration at mesoscale ocean fronts; a BNZ-LTER study, published in Forest Ecology and Management, on the the influence of hare… Read more »

News from the NCO: 2017 Winter

January 18, 2017 Synthesis The review committee recommended two Synthesis Working Group proposals for funding in the current round. Congratulations to Forest Isbell, Jane M. Cowles, and Laura Dee who will lead Scaling-up productivity responses to changes in biodiversity and Lauren Hallett, Daniel Reuman, Katharine Suding for Synthesizing Population and community synchrony to understand drivers of… Read more »

LTER Science Update Newsletter | January 2017

In January, the Science Update Newsletter covers: an MCR-LTER paper in Marine Biology on genetic variation in responses to ocean acidity and warming; a CWT-LTER paper in Global Change Biology on subsidies to net ecosystem carbon uptake through cold air drainage; a BNZ-LTER study, published in Climate Change, on the role of access to in determining availability… Read more »

Telling the Right Story, for the Right People, at the Right Time

Telling the Right Story, for the Right People, at the Right Time January 8-March 4, 2017 Trying to set priorities for communicating your sites’ work? Or developing your first professional profile as you search for a job? Building a global reputation or breaking into a new area of research? Come join your LTER colleagues for 8… Read more »