What do you do at sea for a month without good internet?

Life on research ships might mean less access to internet, but it doesn’t mean less fun. Jennifer Brandon of the CCE LTER explains.

Poopy Penguins

After spending 30 days on a ship conducting research on the Antarctic ocean, I was going to get to visit my first penguin colony and I was so excited! I pictured in my mind cute little penguins, like the ones in the movie Happy Feet, jumping around rocks and playing in the water. When I… Read more »

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What is the Short Stories About Long TErm Research Blog?

Short Stories About Long Term Research is a blog created by graduate students involved in long term ecological research as a way to share our research experiences with each other and the public. The graduate students that follow and contribute to this site come from a variety of specialized fields, so our goal is to try… Read more »

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We invite posts that primarily detail ecology being done at Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) but are open to posting blogs on topical subjects to the ecological community at-large. Blogs post monthly or bi-weekly. We invite folks to submit posts at any time so that we can schedule accordingly! Please see the submission guidelines below for… Read more »