Illustrating three unexpected lessons we learned whilst studying diurnal patterns of light transmittance of leaves

Santa Neimane takes us through research in the Alps, part of a series of SSALTER blog posts from international long-term researchers!

Southwest Regional Student Meetup – Grasslands, Deserts, and Cities

Students from the Central Arizona-Phoenix, Sevilleta, and Jornada LTER visit and present posters at the CAP LTER All Scientists Meeting.

Understanding species’ responses to climate change

This month Cliff will be sharing some of his dissertation work from his beloved alpine field site at the Niwot Ridge LTER site in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Light and conversation advance the work of the Cairngorms LTSER

Jen Holzer views Scotland through the eyes of an Israeli Scientist for this international edition of the SSALTER Blog.

Adventures in the stoichiometry of Braila Island, Research Center in Systems Ecology and Sustainability

Shabnam G. Farahani takes to Braila Island on the Danube River in this SSALTER Blog post, where we explore stoichiometry.

CaveGIS – bringing location analysis to the underground

We go underground with Vojkan Gavojić with this edition of the SSALTER Blog, learning about cave research in the Postojna-Planina cave system

Contrast & Cadence

Natural cycles have patterns, rhythms, similar to music. Take a dive into these rhythms with Kelly Bisson for this SSALTER Blog eduition!

Atmospheric nitrogen deposition may endanger carbon storage in peatlands – how do the fungi respond?

Heikki Kiheri takes us to Finland for this international SSALTER Blog post, where we explore nitrogen in Finnish peatlands.

Vistas of place-based research in Scotland’s Cairngorms

Jen Holzer takes us to Scotland’s Cairngorms LTSER for this SSALTER, where she explores the merits of place based research.

Kelp forest boot camp

Joey Peters describes the trials and rewards of a long summer sampling at the Santa Barbara Coastal LTER site.