There’s Nothing Trivial about the Danube Delta

  By: Jen Holzer, Technion Socio-Ecological Research Group Romania Trivia Which nations border Romania? The Danube River empties into which sea? In what year did Romania become part of the European Union? Name a Romania-born Nobel Laureate. This Romanian building is known as the largest building in Europe. Answers: Bulgaria, Servia, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova Black Sea… Read more »

Life in the Clean Van

Take a cruise out to sea with Maitreyi Nagarkar to sample isotopes at the California Current Ecosystems LTER Site.

A little water goes a long way

Nate Emery takes us on land at the Santa Barbara Coastal LTER, where he explores how fog nourishes the coastal ecosystem.

The Rigors and Rewards of Fieldwork

Sloane Viola takes us undersea at the Santa Barbara Coastal LTER site, where she studies life under oil rigs.

Look at the Filters on that Rack!

Filtering is essential to research at the California Current Ecosystem LTER. Alexandra Freibott takes us through it!

Follow along with the El Nino Research Cruise!

Take a ride out to sea on the California Current Ecosystem’s Research Cruise!

Salad Cages

Christie Yorkie shows us how to sample kelp using repurposed salad containers in this SSALTER blog post from the SBC LTER.

Ants, parasitoid wasps, and bears, oh my!

Imagine a bear in your office during the workday. This is sometimes reality at the Bonanza Creek LTER, as Alexandria Wenninger tells us!

Deep Sea Diving on Shallow Reefs

Survey coral under the waves with Stella Swanson at the Moorea Coral Reef LTER site for this edition of the SSALTER blog!

LTER Student Science at the 2016 Ocean Sciences Meeting

Students from the CCE and SBC LTER presented at the Ocean Sciences Meeting in 2016, as recounted for this SSALTER blog post.