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Dr. Charles T. Driscoll

Charles T. Driscoll is a Distinguished and University Professor at Syracuse University. Driscoll’s scholarly work addresses the effects of disturbance on forest, freshwater and marine ecosystems, including air pollution (acid…


Beyond desertification: New models for state change in drylands

Talk Description: One of the classic state-change stories is that over-grazing and drought turn grasslands into shrubby, degraded landscapes. Land managers strive to avoid such irreversible changes, using strategies based…

Legacy of acid rain: A tale of two species

Talk Description: Air pollution control efforts have succeeded in reducing sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions, but decades of acid rain have leached calcium and magnesium from Northeastern forest soils….

Plausible freshwater futures: Yahara watershed, Wisconsin, USA

Talk Description: Scenarios can help communities think about alternative futures, but using them to drive decisions requires data. In Wisconsin’s Yahara Watershed, researchers are combining data and modelling from the…