In 2017, the LTER Network saw the addition of three new marine and coastal sites. The new sites—Northeast U.S. Shelf (NES), Northern Gulf of Alaska (NGA) and Beaufort Lagoon Ecosystems (BLE)—are all well-represented among the 41 talks and posters presented by LTER researchers at the 2020 AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting.

Presentations from these and other sites wade into research on ocean circulation, phytoplankton, nutrient sources, penguin populations, and a variety of new research technologies. Several presentations by international colleagues are also included here, although they are associated with the International LTER Network rather than the NSF-funded LTER Network

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2020 Ocean Sciences Meeting Presentations and Posters

47CCE PI14B-2477 Cross-shore fluxes in the California Current Ecosystem LTER site: a Lagrangian ApproachPoster02.17.20 04:00 PMSDCC - Poster Hall C-D
48Intn'l ME34D-0190 From Satellite to the Benthos: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Estimate the Effects of Climate Change Across Marine Habitats at a LTER SitePoster02.19.20 04:00 PMSDCC - Poster Hall C-D
49NGA OB24C-0479 Use of ship-board optical measurements to quantify plankton biomass and productivity across multiple trophic levels in the Northern Gulf of Alaska LTER programPoster02.18.20 04:00 PMSDCC - Poster Hall C-D
50NES ME14D-0063 Plankton population dynamics and food web structure on the Northeast US Shelf (NES-LTER): early indication of seasonal shifts in production regimesPoster02.17.20 04:00 PMSDCC - Poster Hall C-D
51NGA ME34E-0212 Nutrient dynamics and their influence in the Northern Gulf of AlaskaPoster02.19.20 04:00 PMSDCC - Poster Hall C-D
52NES IS14D-3237 Analyzing Spatial Variations of Zooplankton Community Size Structures on the Northeast US ShelfPoster02.17.20 04:00 PMSDCC - Poster Hall C-D
53PAL HE34A-1981 Modeling the Impact of Climate Variability in the Sea Ice and Biogeochemistry of the West Antarctic PeninsulaPoster02.19.20 04:00 PMSDCC - Poster Hall C-D
54NGA CT44C-1017 Temporal Variability of Dissolved Aluminum in the Northern Gulf of AlaskaPoster02.20.20 04:00 PMSDCC - Poster Hall C-D
55CCE PI13A-05 Assessment of frontal gradients in zooplankton communities across a coastal upwelling filament by an autonomous ZoogliderOral Presentation02.17.20 03:00 PMSDCC - 9, UL