DataBits Newsletter, Spring 2011

Welcome to the Spring 2011 issue of Databits! This “bumper” edition of our information management newsletter contains 20 interesting articles, from 16 authors, representing 12 LTER sites. This is a time of increasing change, with external funding agencies and people both internal and external to our network realizing the value of effective research data management…. Read more »

DataBits Newsletter, Fall 2010

Welcome to the Fall 2010 issue of Databits wherein 18 authors contribute from 11 sites and 2 institutes in 3 countries. Seven relevant and insightful feature articles relate to growth and refinement of systems. All three editorials share the theme of continuous change. And both the suggested readings reflect on past adaptations. Even the two… Read more »

DataBits Newsletter, Spring 2010

The depth and breath of thought in the LTER IM community is once again made apparent in this latest issue of Databits. Within, you will find a discussion of the software tools being used in the cyberinfrastructure development effort by the LTER Network Office. Lynn Yarmey provides a description of the Panton Principles for open… Read more »

DataBits Newsletter, Fall 2009

Table of Contents Featured Articles ClimDB/HydroDb (ClimHy) Database Migration to LNO Suzanne Remillard and Don Henshaw 1 LTER IMC and IMExec: 2009 Progress and Planning Margaret O’Brien and Don Henshaw 2 Experiences from an Information Management Cross-Site Visit Nicole Kaplan and Karen Baker 3 Commentary Continuing education options for information managers Lynn Yarmey 3 News… Read more »

DataBits Newsletter, Spring 2009

The Spring 2009 Databits is here and is full of some great articles: Following the presentation of ProjectDB at the 2009 LTER Science Council Meeting Wade Sheldon provides a great introductory article for those interested in getting started with XQuery and the native-XML database eXist, the primary technologies used for that project’s development. Complimenting this… Read more »

DataBits Newsletter, Fall 2008

With at least one article in six of the seven categories, there’s plenty to read in this issue of the LTER’s Databits. This Featured Articles section contains an introductory technology guide, a review of this last year’s introduction of video-conferencing practices into the LTER IM community and more. Read two reviews of papers centered on… Read more »

DataBits Newsletter, Spring 2008

Table of Contents Title Author Page Feature Articles The FCE LTER Website has a NEW look! Linda Powell 1 Developing a Searchable Document and Imagery Archive for the GCE-LTER Web Site Wade Sheldon 5 Improving the Basic Keyword Search for Datasets by Employing Text Mining Techniques and Indexing Hung V. Nguyen, Corinna Gries, Hasan Davulcu… Read more »

DataBits Newsletter, Fall 2007

As the diverse nature of this issue illustrates, DataBits continues to be a platform for exchanging wide-ranging ideasand resources for strategically and practically improving the practice of scientific Information Management. This issue features an article on career development in the field of Information Management by Karen Baker, a longtime LTER Information Manager who also conducts… Read more »

DataBits Newsletter, Spring 2007

Welcome to the Spring 2007 issue of Databits! Twenty-two authors or coauthors submitted articles for this issue, which is a testament to the committment of Information Managers to sharing information. The articles represent the diversity of interests within the LTER IM community and highlight a number of current topics. Most notably, there is a discussion… Read more »

DataBits Newsletter, Fall 2006

This issue of Databits follows the September, 2006 LTER Information Managers’ Meeting in Estes Park, Colorado. The IM meeting was held in conjunction with the LTER All Scientists’ Meeting and included a number of Information Managers from around the world. In recent years, there has been an emphasis on establishing relationships among members of the… Read more »