The LTER Network has grown from a handful of independent sites to a true network with cross-site experiments, synthetic science, coordinated data management, and standard community practices. LTER community members managed a great deal of that growth, with modest financial support from the LTER Network Office in the form of working group funds. The record of past working groups is – in many ways – a record of the focus and priorities of the LTER Network through time.

Working Group TitlePrincipal InvestigatorTypeAward YearFinal Report
Land Use Institutions, Land Use Land Cover Change, and the Distribution of Ecosystem Services2011
Acquisition and management of data from remote locations2011Final Report (PDF)
Drupal Environmental Information Management System (DEIMS) workshop: A workshop for new and advanced DEIMS users2011Final Report (PDF)
SiteDB redesign to accommodate ClimDB/HydroDB and StreamChemDB2011
Integrating Local Knowledge into Long Term Ecological Research – MALS Training and Planning Workshop2011Final Report (PDF)
EML Diagnosis and Best Practice Implementation Mentor2011
Develop an LTER NIS Best Practices for Designing and Writing Workflow Scripts in the PASTA Framework2010Final Report (PDF)
Synthesis and Establishment of Guidelines Toward the Management of Next-Generation Sequence Data, 2010Final Report (PDF)
Forecasting Rates of Riverine Leaf Litter Decomposition in Response to Inland Climate Change, 2010Final Report (PDF)
Web Services2010Final Report (PDF)
Development of a hydrochemical database – StreamchemDB, 2010Final Report (PDF)
Drupal Environmental Information Management System workshop: Data applications2010Final Report (PDF)
State Changes and Threshold Dynamics, 2010Final Report (PDF)
Coordination and Reports related to EML Congruency Checker2010
Developing Protocols for Cross-Site Research on Local Ecological Knowledge and Social-Ecological Systems, 2010Final Report (PDF)
Linking LTER sites via spatially explicit data: Creating a network-wide basemap and Interactive Cartographic Almanac2010
Cross-Site Synthesis between CCE, MCR and SBC: Working group to develop comparative regional ocean modeling effort, 2010Final Report (PDF)
The Influence of Precipitation Variability on Diversity and Composition of North American Grasslands, 2010Final Report (PDF)
Finding the Data: Enhancing the Utility of the LTER Controlled Vocabulary2010
Understanding Interactions within the LTER Network for Improved Collaboration, 2010Final Report (PDF)
A Data Synthesis Working Group: Disappearing Snow in the Western US: Ecosystem Implications for the Rain-Snow Transition Zone, 2010Final Report (PDF)
Web Services Working Group (WSWG)- IM Buyout2010Final Report (PDF)
Long-term Experiments in the LTER Network: Synthesis and Hypothesis Testing, 2010Final Report (PDF)
Quantifying Uncertainty in Ecosystem Studies, 2010Final Report (PDF)
Ecological information management for LTER graduate students and researchers2010Final Report (PDF)
Social and Ecological Responses to Climate Change and Land-use Effects on Water Availability: Contrasting Resilience Among Major River Basins of the US and Canada, 2010Final Report (PDF)
LTERMapS Phase 22010Final Report (PDF)
The Impacts of Within Season Rainfall Variability Across Ecosystems, 2009Final Report (PDF)
CANCELED-A Role for the LTER Network in the Carbon–Offset MarketNeville Millar, Stephen Hamilton, 2009
Facilitating cross-synthesis research2009Final Report (PDF)
Predicting the Influence of Inland Climate Change on Continental-Scale Carbon and Nutrient Processing in River Networks, 2009Final Report (PDF)
Soil Organic Matter Dynamics: A Cross-Ecosystem ApproachKate Lajtha, 2009Final Report (PDF)
From Molecules to Metadata: MIRADA LTERS Follow-up Working Group Meeting, 2009Final Report (PDF)
Towards a Predictive Understanding of Coastal Wetland Response to Sea Level Rise: Synthesis of Data to Test a Model of Tidal Marsh AccretionChristopher Craft, 2009Final Report (PDF)
Engaging Arts/Humanities in Future Scenarios Work, 2009Final Report (PDF)
Identifying the benefits and barriers to graduate student urban cross‐site socioecological researchMichele Romolini, 2009Final Report (PDF)
An LTER Unit Registry: In Support of Data Integration, 2009
LTERMaps Internet Mapping Workshop, 2009Final Report (PDF)
Invertebrate Impacts on Ecosystem Services under Climate Change: A Synthesis Using Insights from the LTER NetworkAngela Laws, 2009Final Report (PDF)
Hydrologic effects from ecosystem responses to climate change and land use change, 2009Final Report (PDF)
Synthesis Papers and Research Proposal from the Maps and Locals (MALS) Project, 2009Final Report (PDF)
Design challenges and Solutions for establishing a Network of Socio-ecological Research sites, 2008Final Report (PDF)
Long Term Hydrologic change: Disturbance legacies in material flux, , 2008Final Report (PDF)
Socioecological dynamics of residential landscapes, 2008Final Report (PDF)
Future Scenarios of land change, , 2008Final Report (PDF)
Collaborative development of a project database2008Final Report (PDF)
Workshop to promote synthesis products from the EcoTrends project, , 2008
Ecosystem response to changing ice, snow and permafrost in a warming climate.Andrew Fountain, Hugh Ducklow, 2008
Ecosystem Services from Working Lands: Cross-site LTER Research, , 2006
Exploring the effect of scale-dependent processes on ecological systems using networked sensors, 2006