The LTER Network has grown from a handful of independent sites to a true network with cross-site experiments, synthetic science, coordinated data management, and standard community practices. LTER community members managed a great deal of that growth, with modest financial support from the LTER Network Office in the form of working group funds. The record of past working groups is – in many ways – a record of the focus and priorities of the LTER Network through time.

Working Group Title Principal Investigator Type Award Year Final Report
Further Development of the Legacies Concept in LTER , 2002
Proposed initiative for cross-site integration of coastal watershed research , 2002
Integration of Research on Biogeochemical cycles at LTER sites , 2000
Advancing the Sharing and Synthesis of Ecological Data: Guidelines for Data Sharing and Integration 2000 Final Report (PDF)
Defining the Schoolyard LTER Program: Priorities, Infrastructure, and Communications 2000
LTER-based Tropical Coastal Research Across the Caribbean Basin , 2000
Ecological Network Analysis for Cross Site Comparisons: Developing the Network of Users , 2000 Final Report (PDF)
A Cross-Site Synthesis of Biotic and Abiotic Agents of Decomposition and SOM Dynamics in LTER Sites , 2000 Final Report (PDF)
Integrating LTER Research into Ecosystem Management , 2000
The Long-term Intersite Decomposition Experiment Team (LIDET) , 2000
Preliminary Synthesis of Species Removal Experiments: Follow-up to the ASM “LTER/GCTE Workshop on Removal Experiments on the Role of Biodiversity in Ecosystem Functioning” , 2000
Effects of Decomposing Woods on Soil Carbon Accumulation and Chemistry, Fungal Diversity and Microbial Enzyme Systems , 2000
Sense-of-Place Attitudes in the World’s Temperate Lake Districts Richard Lathrop , 2000 Final Report (PDF)
East Asia-Pacific Organic Matter Decomposition Processes Workshop Eun-Shik Kim , 2000 Final Report (PDF)
East Asia Conference , 2000
Regulation of Organic Matter Preservation in Soils and Sediments Jim Morris , 2000 Final Report (PDF)
Scaling From Plots to Landscapes and Regions: Relevance of Landscapes to Current Issues in Ecology Debra Peters , 2000 Final Report (PDF)
Causes and Consequences of Invasive Species; Past and Future Contributions of the LTER Network Laura Huenneke , 2000 Final Report (PDF)
Scaling Carbon Flux to the Site Level in the Context of Validating Products from Earth Observing Satellites David Turner , 2000 Final Report (PDF)
NPP Data Workshop , 2000
TRENDS-remove , ,
Linking phylogenetic history, plant traits, and environmental gradients to understand community organization at local and continental scales , ,
Trends-2007 , ,
CANCELED-A Workshop to establish a large forest plot network across LTER and NEON sites
Inland Climate Change: Social and Ecological Sensitivities and Responses
Landscape Vulnerability and Resilience to Climate Change and Land Use Change Final Report (PDF)
Coastal Zone Climate Changes: Understanding and adaptation
Disappearing Cryosphere: Socioecological Consequences for Ecosystem services