The LTER Network has grown from a handful of independent sites to a true network with cross-site experiments, synthetic science, coordinated data management, and standard community practices. LTER community members managed a great deal of that growth, with modest financial support from the LTER Network Office in the form of working group funds. The record of past working groups is – in many ways – a record of the focus and priorities of the LTER Network through time.

Working Group TitlePrincipal InvestigatorTypeAward YearFinal Report
Linking phylogenetic history, plant traits, and environmental gradients to understand community organization at local and continental scales, , 2006
Metabolic Theory of Ecology and Stream ecosystems, , 2006Final Report (PDF)
Trends in Long Term Ecological Data Working Group, , 2006
Effects of N-fixing plants on diversity and species interactions, , 2006Final Report (PDF)
Phenology across LTER, , 2006
Characterizing the nature of the LTER network, , 2006
Workshop to define quality management standards for data completeness in derived data productsWade Sheldon, Donald Henshaw, kramsey, 2006Final Report (PDF)
Ecosystem Services from Working Lands: Cross-site LTER Research, , 2006
Exploring the effect of scale-dependent processes on ecological systems using networked sensors, 2006
Status and Trends of ecosystems services: A Cross-Site comparison of LTER Sites, , 2006
Toward a synthesis of LTER studies of small mammal populations and communities in arid and semiarid ecosystems, , 2006Final Report (PDF)
Patterns and Consequences of Shrub Encroachment across North America, , 2006
The influence of changes in terrestrial plant community structure on aquatic ecosystem function across the LTER network, , 2006Final Report (PDF)
Polyphenols across the LTER: assessing fractions, forms and functions, , 2006
Ecology and Environmental Justice Research across the LTER Network: long-term and multi-scale understandings of past, present and future, , 2006
Catalyzing cross-site comparisons of microbial diversity and function, , 2006Final Report (PDF)
Shrub Dynamics: A Cross-Site Examination for Patterns & Consequences, , 2004
Importance of Consumer-driven Nutrient Recycling in Streams Across a Climatic Gradient – San Juan, PR, , 2004Final Report (PDF)
The response of watershed nitrogen retention to large-scale climate disturbance across the LTER network., , 2004
Cross-site Synthesis of Soil Microbial Enzymes in Response to N Deposition, , 2004
Continuation of Fertilization Synthesis, , 2004
Decline of Dominant Species Due to Invasive Pests & Pathogens, , 2003
Synthetic Effort to Characterize the Controls on Nitrogen Transportation through Streams & RiversWalter Dodds2003Final Report (PDF)
LTER -Based Student Research Symposium to Stimulate Cross-Site Student Lead Collaboration, , 2003
Functional Response to Resource Change across LTER Sites (Biodiversity of Riparian Ecotones)Katharine Suding, Judy Li, , 2003Final Report (PDF)
N Deposition to Forested Ecosystems, , 2003
LTER Extreme Events Working GroupDoug Goodin2003Final Report (PDF)
Biogeochemistry of Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM), , 2003
Species Richness in Space and Time, , 2003
Long-term Effects of Land Use History on Carbon & Water Balance, , 2003Final Report (PDF)
Biodiversity of Riparian Ecotones, , 2003
LTER Workshop on Litter Decomposition Synthesis, , 2003
Metapopulation dynamics and Meta Community Structure, , 2003
Disturbance & Variance: Detecting Change in Terrestrial & Aquatic EcosystemsJames Rusak (jrusak), , 2003Final Report (PDF)
Performing Network-level Synthesis by Quantifying Ecosystem Goods and Services (LTER Synthesis Workshop)Matt Wilson, Daniel Childers2003Final Report (PDF)
LTER Education Outreach, 2003
A Functional Approach to Predicting Species Response to N Fertilization across LTER Sites, 2002
LINX-2 Workshop, 2002
Geospatial team2002
Further Development of the Legacies Concept in LTER, 2002
Proposed initiative for cross-site integration of coastal watershed research, 2002
Preliminary Synthesis of Species Removal Experiments: Follow-up to the ASM “LTER/GCTE Workshop on Removal Experiments on the Role of Biodiversity in Ecosystem Functioning”, 2000
Effects of Decomposing Woods on Soil Carbon Accumulation and Chemistry, Fungal Diversity and Microbial Enzyme Systems, 2000
East Asia Conference, 2000
NPP Data Workshop, 2000
Sense-of-Place Attitudes in the World’s Temperate Lake DistrictsRichard Lathrop, 2000Final Report (PDF)
Integration of Research on Biogeochemicalcycles at LTER sites, 2000
East Asia-Pacific Organic Matter Decomposition Processes WorkshopEun-Shik Kim, 2000Final Report (PDF)
Defining the Schoolyard LTER Program: Priorities, Infrastructure, and Communications2000
Regulation of Organic Matter Preservation in Soils and SedimentsJim Morris, 2000Final Report (PDF)